Frequently Asked Questions


How long are you in a trade?

Hold time can vary from a few minutes to a few days, depending on your risk profile. We normally focus on weekly expiration contracts, so holding over night can be riskier. However, if you manage your account by scalping the play for a quick gain, can always leave a runner overnight. If weeklies aren’t your style and you’re interested in adding more time to the play, we can give opinions on the best strikes for each week out.

Example: Buy AAPL 240 calls at the open, scale them for up 50% hold a runner for the rest of the week for more upside potential. Only risk what you’re willing to to lose!

How much money do I need?

Any account size welcome! Making a cash account (non margin) gives you potential to day trade without a specific level of funds. It’s all about your risk profile and goals. Chat with us about your goals and needs. We are here to help you grow and answer any questions you may have via email or chat.

Do you trade indices?

I normally trade daily expiration SPX contracts intraday for quick scalp opportunities. When the indictors align on the 5-15 min chart, I either take the trade or mention a lotto strike you can use. I note ideas of when we can fill the gap, break lower, or get ready for a squeeze! Remember, more volatility gives better chances for SPX to move.

Do you post your trade history?

Yes, all my past trades are posted in my Private Twitter feed and the Options-Alerts channel in Discord.

Do you tweet entries and exits?

Yes, I tweet in real time when I get into a trade. Everyone has different goals. When I get in the play and once it turns profitable, I will announce to “manage risk.” At this moment it’s best to manage your account by taking all profit, scaling (by taking risk off the table), or holding if you want to risk it. I announce live when I scale/sell on the way up.


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